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Virtual Assistant Industry Survey

Posted by Erin on September 18, 2009

Click Here to Take the 2009 Virtual Assistant Industry Survey
Each year, the VACOC conducts an industry-wide survey with the purpose of taking a representative, group snap-shot of those who are in the business of providing ongoing administrative support. Virtual Assistants who participate get the survey results report absolutely free!

I took the survey and it’s quick and easy. You need to finish the survey in one sitting and click through the to the link at the end of the survey to insure you receive the FREE 75 to 100 page virtual assistant report.

Check out the survey here:

Get your VA business certified in:
Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing,
and Virtual Event Planning Now!

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New Virtual Event Specialist Certification!

Posted by Erin on September 18, 2009

I am not sure if you were aware but the Virtual Event Industry is actually one of those markets that has GROWN in leaps and bounds during this economic downturn. 67% of professionals responsible for physical events report that overall attendance has dropped, and 76% of businesses say have already begun using or plan to start using Virtual Events in 2009.

In fact, 70% of Corporate Event Organizers predict a reduction in live events in 2010, and forecast major growth in virtual conferences and webinars. There is no better time than now to position yourself as a Virtual Event Specialist!

The popular training center, has just unveiled the first ever Virtual Event Specialist Certification Program.

This training course has been about 12 months in the making and is being launched at an opportune time, when Virtual Events are growing at a rapid rate! VAClassroom has a knack for providing the right niche training opportunities at the right time.

This 4 week live training program will cover the key set-up, implementation and management activities for the 5 most popular virtual events in 2009, including tele-events, webinars, live podcasts, online radio and webTV.

There are only 60 spots available for this live program and they are going fast! Just click on the below link to get all the course details and enroll today:

VAclassroom’s Virtual Event Specialist

Plus, VAClassroom is offering some cool bonuses just for this first live program including a 60 day membership to Leesa Barnes’ Association of Virtual Event Managers, Organizers and Hosts. This bonus will essentially connect you with the clients that are in great need of Virtual Event Specialist services!

With the rapid growth and popularity of Virtual Events, this training will give you a competitive edge and ultimately increase your client and income opportunities here in 2009 and beyond!

Get started today: Virtual Event Specialist

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Sync or Share Your Files For Free

Posted by Erin on August 20, 2009

Many of us have a desktop and a laptop and have an never ending need to sync our files. There is a free tool I would like to share with you, its called DropBox. You can use this tool to share files with colleagues and clients as well.

They’re free package gives you 2GB of free transfer space. You can earn up to 3GB with their referral program. I use this software on a daily basis so I highly recommend it.

Here is the link to check out DropBox.

Support Premiere Virtual Office in the 2009 Home Business Competition Here!!

(Just one click, its that easy! Thank you very much for your vote!)

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Virtual Assistant Business Forms…A Must for Every VA

Posted by Erin on August 19, 2009

biz formYou have your website up and running, the marketing is doing its work, but what about when you get that first client? Do you have the proper forms for confidentiality, for your retainer or project, what about the assessment form? There is a lot of work to be done for these forms. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time there is a great resource I would like to share with you!

When I started my business I used these very forms and they worked wonders. They cover everything you can think of plus some you may have forgotten. So where are these forms I speak of? If you visit Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce you will find these very forms!

From consultation forms to retainer forms, and even a nice set that helps you assess your clients time and activities allowing you to find their pain points and offer them the best services! These forms are great, I can say that because I have used them.

Click here to view more details

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Branding Your Elevator Speech

Posted by Erin on July 29, 2009

This month’s blogging challenge from Virtual Assitant Forums was ‘elevator speech’. I have written the following short post about branding your speech and getting the most out of that first impression. If you want to enter the challenge for a change to win one of the resources from their library you can enter here:

As virtual assistants we know that branding is so important. But do you take it literally everywhere with you. I walk and talk my brand, I am provide of it and love to talk about it. So when someone asks you ‘what do you do?’ please having your branding at the tip of your tongue.

How in the world do you brand a 30 second statement? Don’t speak in industry specific code that will fly over their head. Instead use well thought out professional phrases that bring our your personality and brand. Talk about your target market, your skills and make it unique. Try to avoid slang that can take away from your professional image.

So lets take a look at what one may say that has not put too much thought into the elevator speech:

I am a virtual assistant that offers off site administrative services to professionals.

Ok that’s not bad right? Well take a look at how that generic statement can be turned into an eye opening and memorable speech that will have them thinking about you.

I offer dedicated bookkeeping services to local entrepreneurs and small business owners to reduce their overhead and provide them with the valuable time they need to run their business and spend time with family. While all of my services are rendered from my home office communication is not affected. By utilizing the highest quality technologies it is as though I am in the office right next door.

Now you have covered your services and the fears that some have with partnering off site. This can take the conversation father as they ask more questions rather then confusing them with a short unclear statement.

Have you updated your elevator speech lately?

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Working Mom of the Week Interview

Posted by Erin on July 14, 2009

I thought I would stay on the topic of working moms for one post. I just heard about a great opportunity that may interest you.

Here is your chance to be featured on Pink Like the Color! They are doing weekly interviews working moms like you. I thought this was so much fun I had to share it with you all.

Have fun and enjoy this great site.

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WAHMs What Are Your Kids Doing This Summer?

Posted by Erin on July 13, 2009

erin stinsonLast week at the’s event VAvirtuosos I meet several VA moms that where interested in tips for working while the kids are home or with their babies. Well as a single WAHM I have pulled out many “tricks” and want to share my ideas with you. Hope you can feel some relieve soon!

Its summer time and the kids are freed of their school schedules. Now what is Mom going to do?

You have a huge project that is due tomorrow, but what can you do for your baby while you work?

Ladies I have some activities for you and your kiddos.


Swing. Bring in the baby swing and set it to the lowest volume. They love to swing, they are having fun while you work.

Pack’n Play. Bring this into the office so they don’t get into wires or papers. You can place a toy or set of toys in with them. Be sure they are close to you so you can closely monitor them and that the toys are not harming the baby. If they get sick of the toys try a new toy. Then take a break and have some baby-mommy time.


Coloring. This is what I do with my daughter when she wants to help Mommy work. I will bring her high chair in my office. Grab a few color books and them chose one, options are good for toddlers. Then give them a few colors, not too many. Be sure you watch them closely so they don’t eat the colors! I find she will color for awhile and I can get quite a bit done.

Hire a high school student. They are on summer break and would love to get out of the house and earn some money. Have them come over to the house for a few hours every day and you can get a lot done. Their rates will be significantly lower then a sitter.

Preschool. Maybe this is an option that would work for you. They will usually attend for a few hours while they play, sing and learn. This can be a good way to help their social skills and sharing! Head over to the cafe next door for a few hours of uninterrupted work.

Plastic Pool. Okay this is the best $10 investment I have made in a long time!! I can bring it in the house and fill it with balls for literally hours of play. Or take it out side and put some water in it for hours of play. I get to get out of the house for a little sunshine and work. But be sure you are watching them like a hawk…it only takes a second for something to happen.

Building Blocks. These are great for them to learn with and they will be entertained for quite some time.


Movie Theater Day. Turn your living room into the theater and your kitchen into the snack bar. I even love this one. Have some awesome snacks and great movies and maybe even invite one of their friends.

Sprinklers. Smear on the sunscreen then head outside. Don’t forget the laptop! They will stay out here all day if you let them. Maybe even take out the football or other think of other games they can play.

Legos, Barbies, Ponies and the like. You know what one your child likes. Get them out in the living room and they will be fixated for awhile.


School programs. This is a good way to keep up the education, let them have time with friends and get out of the house all rolled up together.

Camps. Find a summer program at the art center if they like art, maybe a horseback riding camp. Anything they like that your local community has resources for.

Summer Time Activities. Finding something they can do without supervision can be a scary thought sometimes, but it is possible. Planting a new garden in the backyard, making a dog house, reading a new book series (maybe a bonus system as an incentive to read more), art project. Even watching their younger siblings and playing games with them, this is a two for one deal!

Let them work for your business. This can be a great activity for you and them. Filing, organizing, data entry and other simple tasks. Depending on the child’s age and interest will help you decide what is a good task for them. You can even publish their picture on your website. They will love that!

Also one more thought for you to consider. Think of other moms that you can schedule play dates with. Try to work it around your projects and assignments so you get the most of these little breaks.

Boost your business now by getting on the inside!

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This Week at VAnetworking

Posted by Erin on July 6, 2009

This is an exciting week at! I have joined the Summer fun courses at that are scheduled to being Today. Tawnya, the founder of VAnetworking will be conducting the first class on becoming a VA. It appears there are a few seats left so hurry over to join me!

Here is the line up of classes this week:

July 6th – Monday – 6PM PST
Tawnya Sutherland – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Becoming a VA But Were Afraid to Ask!

July 7th – Tuesday – 10AM PST
Karri Flatla – 3 Little Things (And One Big Thing) to Help VAs Create Winning Web Copy

July 9th – Thursday – 2PM PST
Anna Baron – What Every VA Should Know About SEO

I hope to see some of you there!

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Get Your Internet Marketing Certification Now with A Great Summer Discount

Posted by Erin on June 30, 2009

The IMVA Certification Program provides a solid foundation of the Internet Marketing skills and support tasks that many business clients are seeking here in 2009. The skills developed through this program will not only apply to the services you are providing to your clients, but will also further develop your Internet Marketing know-how for your own business promotions

This program covers a cross section of the main areas of Internet Marketing such as Search Engine Marketing, Website Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging & Social Media and Email Marketing.

“The Internet Marketing VA Certification through has immediately increased my revenue while allowing me to deepen the relations that I value with my existing client base.I gained 3 new clients and added 6 new network connections even before I completed the certification!”

Frances Palaschuk, UltimateVA

Here is the link and a $30 discount coupon for this popular training program:



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100 Freebies for Entrepreneurs

Posted by Erin on June 28, 2009

Starting your own business is hard work! Boy do I know it. It is worth all the ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ so to speak if you are doing what you love. Because once you have all the upfront work done you will never really work another day in your life. So for all you hard working entrepreneurs, small businesses, and online businesses why not enjoy a few freebies when you can. They don’t come by often do they?

I am sharing this list with you because it is truly great. All these resources wrapped up in one central location for you. I just had to share. Take a list at this list and enjoy, but be sure to come back! 100 Freebies

To Your Virtual Success!

Central Desktop

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