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FTP needs for a VA

Posted by Erin on January 20, 2009

As a virtual assistant you will need to be transferring files back and forth with your clients. Some files will be too large for email so you will need an alternate option. Some clients will have a server where they keep there files and they will allow you to log into the server to retrieve the file. To do this you will need an FTP client software. Once this is installed on your computer you will be able to access their server. Before you access a clients server be sure you understand how to work with FTP, you do not want any errors here. That could cause major problems for your client.

Here is the FTP client I like to use:  FileZilla Client

Some clients may not have a server, or know what that is. In this situation you can do one of two things. You can get an online file sharing account. Now when you are looking for such a site be sure that you read the file upload restrictions per file. This is very important, especially if you are going to pay to use it. The average email can hold up to 20MB, so this means you want a program that can hold quite a bit more then this. If you are doing transcription especially, some files can be very large. Now the other option you have is to down load a server onto your computer and allow the client to access it. There are two drawbacks to this option. One you need to make sure you know how to run and maintain the server. When you have a server on your computer and you are not familiar with how it works you can be letting in unwanted visitors. The other drawback would be that if your client was not familiar with a server they are more then likely not going to have a FTP client software to access your server. Some may, so you should check with each client. Here is the FileZilla Server if you should ever want or need it.

Also if you want to learn more about how FTP works I really recommend reading the FileZilla Guides. There is so much information packed in there you will understand if you take your time and go over everything.

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