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Communication Avenues for the Virtual Employee and Client

Posted by Erin on January 23, 2009

When you work virtually it is very important to stay in contact with your clients. Keeping them up to date on your progress will ensure a good outcome. They will appreciate the updates you give them. Especially if this is the first time a client is working with a virtual assistant. They may need a little guidance in how to process works and what exactly need and don’t need to do.

Get to know your clients communication style. I found this to be a very important part of working virtually. Some clients want to be in contact on a daily basis and know every small detail. While others just want the project done because they are too busy to read every little detail in a daily email. Getting to know what each client’s preference will ensure their satisfaction with your work and increase your chances of return business.

The most common and frequently used communication is, of course, email. This allows for attachments and detailed information to be passed back and forth between you and the client.

Faxing is often used as a communication as well. Sometimes even mailing items to clients is used. For instances if you have created CD’s for the client.

You should also have some sort of instant messenger, Yahoo, Windows Live, MSN which ever you prefer. Also consider getting Skype, thisvirtual assistant communication is a great way to communicate. You can make calls from your computer for free. Works great with international clients!

Here is a link so you can check out all the great features they have to offer.

Sometimes projects need changes or there is an unexpected delay, it is very important to communicate any situations that may come up.

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