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Posted by Erin on January 27, 2009

A good way to start your virtual business is by utilizing freelance sites. This will give you access to a wide range of clients in many different fields. If you are not good with creating a website you may want to go the freelance route for awhile until you can get a website up for your business. Then you can do business from both avenues, leaning more and more toward your own clients. Some sites do require a monthly fee for use of their services. While some others charge a percentage fee on the total amount you earn for each project. Some sites do both. Although this is not the best news it is also not the worst. You can write off the fees in your taxes at the end of year*. Each site is a little different and some are targeted for specific fields. Here is a list of some of the sites that I am familiar with. There are probably more available you can do a web search to find more in your specific field if you would like.

Elance – This is my favorite. You can find high quality, long term projects here. There is a basic membership that is free or there are upgrade accounts that have a monthly fee. Here is a link to my profile, you can see what it looks like and sign up for your account to get started today. – this is another very good site. You can have a free account of upgrade and pay a monthly fee. Some projects are reserved for paying accounts only so there are many perks to the paid accounts. They do also take a percentage fee on your earnings. – wide range of project opportunities, you do have a monthly fee but they do not charge a percentage on your earnings. – this is a huge writing network, you can publish your writing and bid on projects and they hold contests also. – programming and design projects – has a variety of areas. I have not completed any projects with this site but their features seem to be good. – web development, programming and such – one of the first freelance sites – writers and programs this is a good site, very busy. They have many other sites with in so you can spend a lot of time here. – for you creative writers, here is everything from professional needs to blogs. – they have everything, some bids run lower here but you can find some quality projects. – writers these is a great place for you to publish your articles, a lot of topics and an easy way to earn money with quality articles. – freelance site for programmers, coders and such. – you need excellent office skills for this company, but once you pass the tests they have excellent clients. – this is a brand new site. Not too many projects, I am not vary familiar with them so let me know what everyone thinks.

There are a few to get you started. Once you get some experience and time you really should get a web site up for your self. This will be the main drive of your business.

*Always discuss tax issues with a professional.

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