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Success as a Virtual Assistant Is…

Posted by Erin on March 24, 2009

I recently posted on a monthly challenge on the topic of “Success as a Virtual Assistant Is…” at Virtual Assistant Forums and wanted to share my thoughts with you. This forum has wonderful information, inspiration and guidance. Take a look at my monthly challenge post:

“When the question of what does “success as a virtual assistant” mean to me my mind was instantly flooded with thoughts. My VA business started over a year ago and has brought me many joys and a lot of new experiences.

My most meaningful success as a Virtual Assistant is truly getting to know my clients and their business and helping them reach their goals. Nothing makes you feel better then helping others, that’s my opinion any ways. Giving clients ideas to help their business, creating a plan and moving forward with that plan….then the end results are that cherry on the top of the ice cream.

There are of course my personal successes as a Virtual Assistant as well. I have taken online courses to broaden my skills. I can stay home with my baby, which is priceless! I am there for my family and my clients and my schedule NEVER has a whole in it, let me tell you.

All of the successes as a Virtual Assistant are wonderful, rewarding and mean a lot to me. I build my skills, help my clients, and am there for my family whenever needed.

May your business bring you the success and happiness mine has brought me!”

As you can see my business, Premiere Virtual Office has brought me much happiness and success. I hope your business brings you as much success as mine has brought me.

For more information on the monthly challenge you can visit this post. Have a wonderful and accomplished day!

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