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The Benefits of Outsourcing to a VA

Posted by Erin on April 23, 2009

Are you a business owner looking to improve the flow of your operations? Maybe you need to cut the costs of a certain aspect in your business. Do you have a project that you want completed but has taken the back burner due to your busy schedule? A virtual assistant can offer you a solution to all these problems.

When teaming with a virtual assistant you are opening the doors to many great benefits. First and foremost you will  lessen your administrative tasks and possibly marketing tasks. You can place your VA in charge of your email and calender management which will take a huge weight off your shoulders too. When you meet a VA and get to talking with them you will soon see if they are a good match for your business needs. You can start off by delegating tasks to your VA.  When you open up more of your business to a VA you will really see how their services truly benefit you.

There are even more benefits to outsourcing that you may not have thought of. Your business will save on over head costs that come with hiring an in-house assistant. You will not have to cover paid time off,  vacation, holiday pay or sick pay. Health or dental insurance, company functions, interviews and evaluations are all unnecessary.

You will have an individual that has a clear understanding of what is expected and they will do just that. They will complete each project with the highest quality results. You pay for the hours worked and that is all! You can chose to have a set amount of hours worked per month or maybe  an as needed VA works better for your business. Virtual assistants work with several clients so communication is vital to a strong relationship that works for your business.

Partnering with a VA can bring a long committed relationship that offers you continued benefits for your business. If you would like more information about VAs or how I could help your business please contact me.

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