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Why should you network with other virtual assistants?

Posted by Erin on April 29, 2009

Most virtual assistants start their own business with an extensive background in administrative or secretarial work. But not all of us have a networking or PR background. So this means you will have to take the step to learn this new area and develop your skills. A great place to start is with forums and groups that are specifically for VAs. Join and look around, read all the introduction announcements and rules so you know how to interact with the group appropriately. If you know any of the VAs in the group connect with them. Introduce yourself and your business. This is a great learning ground for how to network yourself.

Once you are comfortable and feel you are getting the hang of it you should branch out to social networking sites. These are great places to present your brand, and your unique business. Show your expertise! Take time on your profile, input all you can. This is the first thing people will see about your business. Link your site and your blog if you can. Add your articles where you can. Give advice if someone needs it. Join groups within these social networking sites. Keep your profiles up to date and fresh.

One of my favorite networking sites is This site has so much information. You can become a VAinsider and have access to new learning materials, examples and much more. I am a VAinsider and love it. I get to attend learning seminars, access discounts, learning archieves, templates, and the list goes on.

So go out and get started on your networking. You will learn more, get to know other virtual assistants, and potentially get more work. It is well worth your time. Once you start it will become a habit and will no longer be difficult for you. You may even enjoy it!

2 Responses to “Why should you network with other virtual assistants?”

  1. Jean said

    Just when I feel I have my ducks in a row to launch my va business, another duck pops up and trepidation sets in. Website is ready, and all the basics….but the main concern I have – and I’m sure other newbies have felt this way – is what happens when a client asks for something you are not proficient at? Well, the answer is to subcontract until you are versed. And therein lies my problem. How do you know who is proficient in certain programs? Fee structure is anothr hot topic.
    Hmmm….any suggestions?

  2. Erin said

    This is where networking with other VAs comes in. When you know a VA and know that they run a professional business and continue their education on a continuous basis. Then you know you can outsource tasks to them when need. Here are some other benefits of networking with other VAs too. I recommend that you start with Here you can me lot of other virtual assistants, learn, and help others too. There is even an RFP (request for proposal) system in place where you know you will get qualified responses. I hope this gives you some ideas.

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