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Saving Summer Giveaway…Sign Up NOW!

Posted by Erin on June 10, 2009

Summer is coming and to kick it off right there is a summer giving going on at WHAM Articles Blog. Don’t let summer slow down get to you. You can sign up now and the contests start on June 15th. These prizes will help you have the most successful summer. Visit for your chance to win.What are these prizes?

1 hour of press release or article submissions from If you want to be successful over the summer, you’ll need to be visible to your target market. Articles and press releases are a valuable tool to keep your business in front of those who need your product or service.

Shape Up Your Website report from The Muses Guide. Is your website working effectively for you? This report makes it easy to conduct your own site review and make the changes that can help you make more sales.

Spring Jumpstart Teleseminar Course from EBook Writing and Marketing Secrets with Connie Ragen Green.  These teleseminar series and accompanying action guides will walk you through all the steps of selling your product or service online.

Advertising space from Work at Home Jobs . Button and banner  advertising is an important component of staying visible to your audience.

A book (TBA) by Diana Ennen of from Virtual Word Publishing.

Tupperware e-gift certificate from Shelly Hill When you’re a work at home mom, looking after your family and your home is as important as growing your business. Products from Tupperware make it so easy!

One hour of business coaching from my own business coach, Diana Ennen. Diana is a marketing specialist and publicity expert who has helped countless work at home moms (including me!) achieve their own work at home dreams.

Do wait a minute all you need to do is give your Name and Email, two seconds for your chance at all these great prizes. Good Luck!

Giveaway of the Day

2 Responses to “Saving Summer Giveaway…Sign Up NOW!”

  1. This is quite attractive summer plan. But I am not sure how far this is right for me. I cant categorize this into a specific type of virtual assistant services.

  2. Erin said

    Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest growing needs from a virtual assistant. This niche grows your clients branding awareness, their expertise is shown to their entire market with laser precision. Their list will grow, they will become a thought leader and the online exposure they are creating for them self will help their brand grow offline and help with any future online reputation management. You can offer consultant or coaching services, competitive analysis, set up services, evaluation services to see if what they are doing is really working for them and much more. You can then take this certification and specialize in field, say video marketing or facebook guru. What ever becomes your passion will be what you want to do and what you are best at. This training will not only open the doors for future clients but you will also learn many ways to implement social media into your business to grow, create brand awareness and become a leader in your field. Please feel free to ask me any specific question you may have about the certification program or about social media in general and I will be happy to help!

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