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Branding Your Elevator Speech

Posted by Erin on July 29, 2009

This month’s blogging challenge from Virtual Assitant Forums was ‘elevator speech’. I have written the following short post about branding your speech and getting the most out of that first impression. If you want to enter the challenge for a change to win one of the resources from their library you can enter here:

As virtual assistants we know that branding is so important. But do you take it literally everywhere with you. I walk and talk my brand, I am provide of it and love to talk about it. So when someone asks you ‘what do you do?’ please having your branding at the tip of your tongue.

How in the world do you brand a 30 second statement? Don’t speak in industry specific code that will fly over their head. Instead use well thought out professional phrases that bring our your personality and brand. Talk about your target market, your skills and make it unique. Try to avoid slang that can take away from your professional image.

So lets take a look at what one may say that has not put too much thought into the elevator speech:

I am a virtual assistant that offers off site administrative services to professionals.

Ok that’s not bad right? Well take a look at how that generic statement can be turned into an eye opening and memorable speech that will have them thinking about you.

I offer dedicated bookkeeping services to local entrepreneurs and small business owners to reduce their overhead and provide them with the valuable time they need to run their business and spend time with family. While all of my services are rendered from my home office communication is not affected. By utilizing the highest quality technologies it is as though I am in the office right next door.

Now you have covered your services and the fears that some have with partnering off site. This can take the conversation father as they ask more questions rather then confusing them with a short unclear statement.

Have you updated your elevator speech lately?

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