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Being a VA

Working virtually from your home definitely has its benefits. I love it. You can save yourself money on many avenues and you have full control of your schedule. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with this profession too. If you are not good at time management and organization you soon will be a master at both these skills. You should take time and set your office up and prepare all necessary paper work and files. By starting out organized you have a better chance at keeping it that way.

Getting ready for your new home office.

If you currently have your office area set up for home use you should find a new place for all your home files. You do not want to confuse them or get them mixed up together. Now you can get your office ready for business. You should be sure you have all the office supplies you will need before you start your first project.

Starting out as a VA you will need to establish a reputation for yourself.

You can do this in a number of ways. You can get an internship with an aspiring VA or network. You can join websites and bid on projects. When you are new and biding you should always be honest with the client. You will find most people are more then willing to work with you. You can start up your own website and market yourself on the Internet and locally too.

Maintaining your clients.

Once you have quality clients you want to be sure you maintain that good relationship with them. You should do this in a polite manner but you do not want them to forget about your services and how you can help them with their business. You can send out newsletters to them, this is a fun way to keep them thinking of you and also to see a little bit more about your “realm” and how it works. Just the curiosity may keep them coming to you.

Paperwork that you need to keep monthly.

If you take time out each month to balance out your expenses you will be saving yourself a headache at the end of the year. Keep your receipts for ALL expenses that are related to your business. I use a monthly budget tracking sheet also so I can look at a glance and see how that month went. Then I can make adjustments where needed.

Get your own website.

This is a must for someone who works as a virtual assistant. You need a virtual representation of yourself and your business. You should have a layout that matches you. Put all relevant information on your site. A contact page is a must, and try to respond promptly to all inquires.

When you start your business you will have a lot of over head costs. They are all worth it, and a lot of expenses will be a tax deduction. If you do all the hard work now you will reap the rewards next.

As a new virtual assistant you may have a lot of questions, maybe you need a little guidance in how to get up and running. I recommend getting this guide and workbook to help you get started. It is packed with everything a new VA needs to know and consider.

Become a Virtual Assistant in Just 30 Days! Virtual Assistant Startup System

I will be adding more information and content to this page so check back

2 Responses to “Being a VA”

  1. What do you find to be the most effective advertising? And what about those of us who cannot afford to join the associations that offer certifications, etc? Can use some help in those areas. Willing to barter, but it is difficult anymore to find legitimate sites to align with.

    Thank you for some great resources.

  2. Erin said

    Hi Connie,
    Thank you for the great questions! I am going to get a post up here tonight to answer your questions and provide you some resources too. Here is the link. I will also be adding a post for the certification question too.
    As far as bartering, there are some people that will still do this people. What you will have to do is get in contact with the owner or marketing department (if a larger company) and ask them if they would be willing to do something like this. If you have a service you can offer the company or business let them know that when you contact them. Or even think of doing a link exchange, or doing some marketing for them in replace for an ad. You have to kind of get creative. Advertising is important so be sure to read the suggestions I have.

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