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What is Social Media?

Posted by Erin on June 26, 2009

I have been ‘hearing’ this question all over the Internet. It’s important for businesses to be a part of this explosive new era, Social Media Marketing. But before I get ahead of myself lets get to ‘what is social media?’You have probably heard about LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Squidoo and others. All of these and many more encompass social media. Social media is a unique form of Internet marketing which strives to build your branding. You participate in social media by writing quality content and comments that match your communication goals with newsworthy and interesting material. Social media utilizes networking and user-generated content platforms to communicate, while gently promoting a product or service.

How does a business participate in social media? There are many online platforms where you can connect with your target audience. Your business blog being one of the most important. Using your blog to incorporate many media types such as audio and video will bring in a wider audience. Then you use the social bookmarking sites to spread your content. Also finding niche forums, wikis and online communities will bring great opportunities. The most popular online communities at this time are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon, Squidoo, and LinkedIn.

Where does one start you ask? Have you heard the saying ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?’ This is true with social media. Start with three networks. The top three currently are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also use your blog to supplement these networks with valuable content. Be sure you take your time when creating your profiles. Provide your website links, use your keywords and provide a good bio. You can also have a social media expert help you with setting up your profiles for optimum results.

Social media will bring your brand to your target audience, you will interact with them and learn from them. Ask questions and you will see exactly what your customers are looking for. By being create and unique you will be off to a successful campaign.

The last part, and be sure not to skip it, is the analytics piece. You can use tools to measure your social media campaign. You need to see what is working and what needs adjustment. Analytics can take a lot out of your schedule but it is necessary. You can have your social media specialist create your analytic reports. A specialist can then offer suggestions on how to improve your current campaign.

Social media can change the way people see your business, it can get your name out there and improve or start your reputation management.

The only limit is your imagination.


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VAccolade Business Entrepreneur Award

Posted by Erin on April 15, 2009

vaccoladeI am very happy to share with everyone that I have just received this wonderful award. What is the VAccolade Business Entrepreneur Award? This is given by to show your professional commitment to excellence as a Virtual Assistant (VA) business entrepreneur. It not only recognizes participation at VAnetworking , but also recognizes the professionalism with which the Virtual Assistant, presents him/herself on the web thereby giving them more credibility amongst their competition online.

I am very happy and honored by this award. Here is the forum post on the forum. I am also featured on the blog here.

If you would like to nominate a virtual assistant you know please read all the instructions here:

VAccolade of Virtual Assistant Networking Association (VANA)

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Success as a Virtual Assistant Is…

Posted by Erin on March 24, 2009

I recently posted on a monthly challenge on the topic of “Success as a Virtual Assistant Is…” at Virtual Assistant Forums and wanted to share my thoughts with you. This forum has wonderful information, inspiration and guidance. Take a look at my monthly challenge post:

“When the question of what does “success as a virtual assistant” mean to me my mind was instantly flooded with thoughts. My VA business started over a year ago and has brought me many joys and a lot of new experiences.

My most meaningful success as a Virtual Assistant is truly getting to know my clients and their business and helping them reach their goals. Nothing makes you feel better then helping others, that’s my opinion any ways. Giving clients ideas to help their business, creating a plan and moving forward with that plan….then the end results are that cherry on the top of the ice cream.

There are of course my personal successes as a Virtual Assistant as well. I have taken online courses to broaden my skills. I can stay home with my baby, which is priceless! I am there for my family and my clients and my schedule NEVER has a whole in it, let me tell you.

All of the successes as a Virtual Assistant are wonderful, rewarding and mean a lot to me. I build my skills, help my clients, and am there for my family whenever needed.

May your business bring you the success and happiness mine has brought me!”

As you can see my business, Premiere Virtual Office has brought me much happiness and success. I hope your business brings you as much success as mine has brought me.

For more information on the monthly challenge you can visit this post. Have a wonderful and accomplished day!

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Are you on LinkedIn?

Posted by Erin on February 4, 2009

LinkedIn is one of the best social networking sites you can be a part of. I personally just joined. I am loving it already. I have to do a lot of work linkedin-shoton my profile still but this site is a wealth of information. You can meet others in your field, potential clients, get advice, give advice, join groups and so much more.

You can promote your site and business here. You can earn your reputation here as well.  Be helpful, honest and resourceful. Ask questions on LinkedIn as well if you have them. You will get great answers from experts. LinkedIn is a great place to meet virtual assistants. You can join together and learn from each other. If you are not familiar with this site here are 100 things you can do with LinkedIn. Take at look at this page and get some more great ideas.

If you are looking to network with other virtual assistants or meet one that you can hire this is a great way to get to know them. Hope to see you there.

View Erin Stinson's profile on LinkedIn

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